40 Pelham Street

View of 40 Pelham Street looking west

40 Pelham Street

Our plans consider how to bring the site back into use sensitively while supporting neighbouring Brompton Cross and respecting local residents. 

In summary, we will:

  • Bring the vacant site back into use with modern office space
  • Retain and upgrade the existing two-storey building on the eastern part of the site
  • Demolish the structures on the western part of the site while retaining the northern façade and provide a new two-storey office building
  • Create a series of beautiful garden spaces throughout, including a new central garden square, publicly accessible during the day
  • Retain the existing plane tree on Pelham Street and plant new trees
  • Respect the architecture and context of the local area
  • Create a car-free site and sustainable scheme to reduce the environmental impact

Economic and community benefits

  • A total of 100 jobs
  • 130 jobs provided during construction, with workers spending £214,000 locally
  • £220,000 annual spending by new office users, benefitting local businesses
  • Bring the vacant building back into use, delivering new garden spaces and a central garden courtyard
  • Appeal to high-quality commercial tenants, start-ups, and local businesses
  • Support Brompton Cross as an important district centre by bringing in new workers

View of new central garden square

The following table sets out key community feedback that emerged through the consultation process and how they have influenced the proposals for 40 Pelham Street.

You said

We did

Height and massing of the new buildings
  • We have reduced the height of the new west building from three to two storeys in response to feedback.
  • As the building is now smaller, we have also been able to make the basement smaller, reducing the overall construction programme.
Relationship of buildings with neighbouring properties and amenity
  • The upper portion of the Western building has been significantly reduced in height, removing a whole level of windows.
  • At the front of the building, the first-floor windows are above head height, which limits views across the street.
  • At the rear, windows are predominantly below the height of the garden walls and have been made smaller. Following feedback, first floor windows are now around 6.5mm further away from neighbouring boundaries and are screened by textured glazing, planters and existing mature trees. No windows will face towards Pelham Crescent gardens.
Servicing arrangements
  • There is onsite delivery in the eastern most courtyard using transit van sized vehicles.
  • The east and west courtyards have enclosed storage areas to serve their respective buildings, which will be emptied directly on arrival of the refuse vehicle.


  • Public transport serves the sites well, and so they will be car-free. We will provide extensive cycle parking and facilities to encourage office workers and visitors to use sustainable means to travel to the new offices.
Overlooking from first-floor terrace
  • The first-floor terrace is designed to promote health and wellbeing for office users. It has extensive planting to screen the terrace and protect privacy. We envisage the terraces only being accessible to office tenants during normal working hours.
Overall quantum of development
  • While we are providing an increase in office floorspace, the total quantum of development has been reduced, and we have reduced the height of the west building by one storey.


  • We are targeting exemplary sustainability standards for the site, underlining our intention to invest in the buildings for the long-term. The site will be car-free, and we plan to deliver a new garden courtyard and a series of garden spaces.
  • Future office users and visitors will be encouraged to use sustainable transport methods to travel to and from the buildings. There will be a dedicated cycle entrance and storage space and showers and changing facilities. The public realm will also be redesigned to improve the pedestrian experience.

Please note that the briefing video and presentation below are earlier iterations of the plans shared at the public webinar events in June 2020. The final plans have since changed to take consultation feedback into account and can be viewed on RBKC’s online planning register here.

  • You can re-watch the briefing on 40 Pelham Street below.
  • Proposals for 40 Pelham Street: click here to view our presentation in a new window

View of 40 Pelham Street looking east