63-81 Pelham Street

View of 63-81 Pelham Street

63-81 Pelham Street

Our plan is to create a building of high architectural quality that will contribute to the wider area and create a vibrant neighbourhood.  

In summary, we will:

  • Demolish the existing building and replace it with a high-quality building
  • Create an attractive design to improve the visual appearance of the site
  • Retain a gym use as a popular local asset
  • Create more generous public realm to improve the pedestrian experience on Pelham Street, widening the pavement in front of the building
  • Respect the architecture and context of the local area
  • Include new green roofs and a terrace
  • Create a car-free site and sustainable building to reduce the environmental impact and target first-class green credentials

Economic and community benefits

  • A total of 510 jobs
  • 255 jobs provided during construction, with workers spending £770,000 locally
  • £1,000,000 annual spending by new office users, benefitting local businesses
  • Bring the underutilised site up to modern standards and deliver an exceptionally designed building, attracting high-quality commercial tenants, start-ups, and local businesses
  • Support Brompton Cross as an important district centre by bringing in new workers
  • Enhance the pedestrian experience by widening the pavement in front of the building

View of 63-81 Pelham Street office entrance

The following table sets out key community feedback that emerged through the consultation process and how they have influenced the proposals for 63-81 Pelham Street.

You said

We did

Height and massing of the new buildings
  • The massing has evolved to reflect the size and scale of the neighbouring properties. Therefore, the building is six storeys at the interface with Crompton Court and reduces in height to two storeys at its convergence with the neighbouring terrace houses.

  • We have significantly stepped back the uppermost floor and reduced the plant area and plant screen height as much as operationally possible.

  • We have proposed architectural treatment to minimise visibility of the upper storeys, while also addressing privacy for our residential neighbours on all four sides.
  • At the west side, we have recessed and shaped the massing to improve the interface with the neighbouring terrace houses.
  • The massing has been cutback away from adjoining properties to improve their relationship with 63-81 Pelham Street and has been sculpted to minimise the building’s visual impact from public vantage points.
  • To the northeast side, we have introduced a series of cutbacks to mirror the depth of Crompton Court. We have carved out a significant portion of the northwest elevation to provide a shallower appearance when approaching from the west and viewed from the north.
Relationship of buildings with neighbouring properties and amenity
  • We have further considered privacy and overlooking in the design, including distances to properties, size and location of windows.
  • We have stepped the building back, away from adjoining neighbours to the east and west.
  • We have not included any windows on the eastern elevations neighbouring Crompton Court and only narrow windows at the very front of the western façade. All windows will have smart blinds to ensure privacy in the winter months when daylight hours are reduced.
  • We have introduced green roof terraces to improve the visual appearance on the northeast and northwest sides of the building.
  • To the north, these cut outs have increased the distances to the residential properties across the railway tracks so that the nearest buildings to the north are over 35m away. Currently, about a third of the northern elevation has no windows at all and we have reduced the size of the remaining punched windows to reduce the amount of glass in relation to brick.
  • The accessible terrace is screened with planters and is designed to prevent overlooking. We will also implement security measures to ensure safety.
Servicing arrangements
  • The site has on-street servicing, with designated off-peak loading hours. This will reduce the need for vehicles to cross over the pavement, improving pedestrian safety.
  • Deliveries will be managed from the eastern end of the shared surface area and taken directly into the building.
  • We have relocated the existing loading bay from the west to the east of the site, allowing for a larger loading bay which can serve this development and the local businesses on Brompton Road.
  • We have moved the cycle and delivery entrance to the east of the site, to facilitate public realm improvements to the west of the site and reduce any disruption.

Pavement width
  • We have set back nearly 18m of building frontage by between 1.6m and 3.5m from the existing building line to increase the width of the pavement and improve pedestrian safety.
  • We have included dropped kerb paving to the parking and loading surfaces, facilitating pedestrian use during peak hours.
  • Parking bays have been removed at the proposed main entrance to minimise any congestion. They will be relocated elsewhere in the local area.


  • Public transport serves the sites well, and so they will be car-free. We will provide extensive cycle parking and facilities to encourage office workers and visitors to use sustainable means to travel to the new offices.
Overlooking from terraces
  • The lower-level terraces are not accessible to office users. They are green roofs that are only accessible for maintenance purposes.
  • The use of the terrace will be limited in line with the fire strategy and the hours of use will be constrained to office hours with some exceptions, to be agreed with RBKC.
  • We have also setback the balustrade and increased planting around the perimeter to further prevent overlooking.
Overall quantum of development
  • The existing building does not make efficient use of the site and does not meet modern office standards. We are looking to deliver a high-quality building accessible to all.

The proposed building is designed with quality, durability and sustainability at its core to ensure it is fit for modern office standards. Some of the green measures include:

  • Green roofs, landscaping and potential tree planting to enhance local biodiversity
  • Solar panels on the roof 
  • Rainwater storage
  • High-performance glazing 
  • Low energy lighting with occupancy sensors

Future office users and visitors will be encouraged to use sustainable transport methods to travel to and from the building. There will be a dedicated cycle entrance and storage space and showers and changing facilities. The public realm will also be redesigned to improve the pedestrian experience.

Please note that the briefing video and presentation below are earlier iterations of the plans shared at the public webinar events in June 2020. The final plans have since changed to take consultation feedback into account and can be viewed on RBKC’s online planning register here.

  • You can re-watch the briefing on 63-81 Pelham Street below.
  • Proposals for 63-81 Pelham Street: click here to view our presentation in a new window

View of 63-81 Pelham Street gym entrance to the west