The Approved Plans

The two sites, which are owned by The Wellcome Trust, are located at the eastern end of Pelham Street, near the junction with Brompton Cross. 

Our plans will revitalise the sites, neither of which are suitable for modern office occupiers and create well-designed office space that enhances the neighbourhood and contributes to the area’s overall sustainability.

Our plans for 40 Pelham Street will:

  • Bring the vacant site back into use with modern office space.
  • Retain and upgrade the existing two-storey building on the eastern part of the site.
  • Demolish the structures on the western part of the site while retaining the northern façade and provide a new two-storey office building.
  • Preserve the traditional façade fronting on Pelham Street and respect the architecture and context of the local area.
  • Create a publicly accessible garden square and a series of pocket gardens across the site.
  • Retain the plane tree on Pelham Street and plant more trees.
  • Deliver a sustainable and car-free development.

View of the publicly accessible garden courtyard at 40 Pelham Street

View of the main entrance at 63-81 Pelham Street

Our plans for 63-81 Pelham Street will:

  • Demolish the existing dilapidated building and replace it with a high-quality new-build office space, fit for modern office use.
  • Widen the pavement in front of the building to create more generous public realm and improve the pedestrian experience on Pelham Street.
  • Retain a gym use as a popular local asset.
  • Respect the architectural locality.
  • Improve the visual appearance of the site and introduce new green roofs and a terrace.